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32nd National Space Symposium 2016 Highlights

VACCO CubeSat engineers attended the 32nd National Space Symposium held at the Ball Aerospace Exhibit Center in Colorado Springs from April 11-14. The annual conference brings together international aerospace experts in the private and government sectors. This year, the group of 100 speakers included the Secretary of the Air Force Hon. Deborah Lee James, and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos, University of Washington Professor Julianne Dalcanton and Dr. John Grunsfeld of NASA.
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Ion Electrospray Electric CubeSat Propulsion System

The Ion Electrospray Propulsion System (iEPS) represents a technological advance in electric CubeSat propulsion systems. An electric propulsion system for CubeSats relies on electromagnetic fields for acceleration. Traditionally, electric propulsion systems have used thrusters that are inefficient because they are bulky and generate a significant amount of heat.
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