JPL MarCO Micro CubeSat Propulsion System

The VACCO JPL MarCO Micro Propulsion System is the first interplanetary CubeSat. It is a smart, self-contained propulsion module that has been contracted for two flight systems and can be used for many different types of 6U CubeSat designs. Constructed from all-welded aluminum, it has a system-in-a-tank design with propellant storage and feed system, thrusters and a controller & sensor suite.


  • Smart, self-contained propulsion system
  • 755 N-Sec Total Impulse
  • 3490 gram Wet Mass
  • 354 N-sec/Liter Performance Density
  • (4) Axial & (4) RCS 25mN Thrusters
  • Two Interrupts Against Leakage
  • 0.5 Watt Standby Power
  • Microcontroller Driven:
    • RS422 Digital Interface
    • Controls Burn Type & Duration
    • Closed-Loop, Variable Thrust Control
    • (3) Settable Thermal Control Zones
    • (3) Power Supplies, (9) Valve Drivers

Electrical Schematic


pdf-iconJPL MarCO – Micro CubeSat Propulsion System datasheet