ArgoMoon Propulsion System

VACCO’s hybrid Micro Propulsion System (MiPS) combines green mono-propellant and cold gas propulsion in a single system to provide attitude control and orbital maneuvering. Argotec’s ArgoMoon program utilizes VACCO’s hybrid propulsion system to achieve high levels of total impulse in a limited volume to accomplish the mission requirements.

The VACCO ArgoMoon MiPS is approximately 1.3U plus the tuna can volume and uses one 100 mN green thruster to develop 783 N-sec of total impulse that provides 56 m/s of delta-V for a 14 kg CubeSat. The four 25 mN cold gas thrusters develop 72 N-sec of total impulse. Each thruster independently operates to perform both delta-V and ACS maneuvers through an integrated microprocessor controller.


  • Integral titanium fluid control manifold and low friction, space grade valves
  • All welded tank construction contains 420 g of propellant and 215 g of pressurant
  • Integrated microcontroller and RS-422 interface enable high-level commands from the host spacecraft
  • Low power with < 1 Watt for health and status monitoring
  • Easily configured for different mono-propellants
    • ADN green (LMP-103S)
    • Air Force green (AF-M315E)
  • Performance density: 692 N-sec/L

pdf-iconArgoMoon Propulsion System Datasheet

Operating Parameters

Propellant LMP-103S & R134a
MDP 16.8 Bar (244 psia)
Proof Pressure 25.2 Bar (366 psia)
Burst Pressure 42.1 Bar (610 psia)
Internal Leakage BOL <1 x 10-4 sccs GHe
Internal Leakage EOL <1.0 x10-3 sccs GHe
External Leakage <1.0 x 10-6 sccs GHe
Operating Temp 10°C to 40°C
Non-Operating Temp -34°C to 60°C
Total Impulse @ 10ºC 72 & 783 N-s
Dry Mass 1.430 kg Max
Wet Mass 95% Fill @ 10ºC 2.065 kg Max
Max Operating Voltage For Telemetry 9.0-12.6 VDC
Operating Voltage For Heaters & Valves 9.0-12.6 VDC
Standby Power 1 W Max
Warmup Power 20 W Max
Thruster Operating Power 4.3 W Max
Data Interface RS-422
Performance characteristics are based on customer requirements. As such, they are not representative of component capabilities or limitations.

Envelope Drawing


Flow Schematic

Flow Schematic