Standard Propulsion System

VACCO’s Standard Micro Propulsion System (MiPS) provides a highly reliable, intelligent, attitude and delta-V system for CubeSat and SmallSat applications. Components and manufacturing methods used are the product of 60 years of space experience including two systems that powered both highly successful Mars Cube One (MarCO) CubeSats.

The Standard MiPS features four 25mN cold gas thrusters. Bolt-on nozzles facilitate a wide range of fixed thrust directions. The modular design can be scaled from 82 to 515 N-sec Total Impulse. Custom versions are also available.


  • Range Safety Friendly design (<100 psia)
  • Leak before burst pressure boundary
  • Integral Microcontroller with RS422 digital interface
  • Radiation resistant components with integral shielding
  • Robust, sophisticated flight-proven software
  • Accepts unregulated input power
  • <1W required for communication and health monitoring
  • 12W peak power
  • Frictionless space quality valves
  • All-welded, high strength structure
  • Fully manifolded components (no tubing)
  • “B” thrust angles from 0° to 30°
  • Performance density 228 to 358 N-sec/Liter

pdf-iconStandard Propulsion System Datasheet

Operating Parameters

Propellant R236fa
MEOP/MDP. 6.89 bar (100 psia)
Proof Pressure 10.34 bar (150 psia)
Burst Pressure 17.24 bar (250 psia)
Internal Leakage <0.5 scch R236fa
External Leakage <1 x 10-6 sccs GHe
Operating Temperature. -15°C to +55°C
Non-Operating Temperature -30°C to +55°C
Total Impulse See “Performance Table”
Dry Mass See “Performance Table”
Propellant Mass See “Performance Table”
Operating Voltage 9.0 to 12.6 VDC
Standby Power 1 W Max.
Warmup Power 12 W Max.
Thruster Operating Power (4 thrusters) 12 W Max.
Data Interface RS422
Performance characteristics are based on customer requirements. As such, they are not representative of component capabilities or limitations.

Envelope Drawing

Performance Table


Flow Schematic