13th Annual CubeSat Developer’s Workshop

The CubeSat community’s next big event!

The 13th Annual CubeSat Developer’s Workshop is April 20th through 22nd. During the workshop, CubeSat movers and shakers from around the globe will convene at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo for a three day conference to learn from the presentations and experience of keynote speakers and industry leaders. The workshop also gives everyone an opportunity to create and develop business and academic relationships. The conference includes a wide variety of presentations from university project mission descriptions. These presentations include data from on orbit CubeSats, major news and plans from the CubeSat industry and launch provider information.

There are over a dozen booths from the CubeSat commercial industry and about that many university posters. The days are filled with presentations, exhibits and free time to make new relationships and deepen established ones in the CubeSat community.

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Presentations from the CubeSat Workshop last Summer is here: