Our Summary of the 2017 CubeSat Developers Workshop

VACCO engineers attended the 2017 CubeSat Developers Workshop which was held at the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center in San Luis Obispo from April 26 through April 28. The 14th annual conference was attended by participants from all across the world who discussed innovations in space and CubeSat technology.

Key note speakers for this year’s workshop were James Reuter, the Deputy Associate Administrator for Programs at NASA and Dr. Yu Xiaozhou, Vice Director of Shaanxi Engineering Laboratory for Microsatellites.

VACCO 2017 CubeSat Developers Workshop
VACCO at the 2017 CubeSat Developers Workshop at Cal Poly

Sessions spanning the 3 days covered a wide range of topics including:

  • The status of University nanosatellites in China
  • Microwave radiometers for small satellites
  • Discussion of specific missions such as SNIPE, TRYAD, IT-SPINS and BioSentinel
  • High performance computing for CubeSats
  • Micro-propulsion development initiatives
  • Collision risk and avoidance
  • Software requirements for CubeSats
  • STEM education in high schools and universities and management of a student operated CubeSat program

Videos of the workshop presentations can be viewed at http://www.cubesat.org/workshop-2017-information. VACCO had a booth at the conference and enjoyed meeting and learning from other attendees. Our engineers look forward to attending the next CubeSat Developers Workshop. To learn more about our work with CubeSats, please visit: https://cubesat-propulsion.com/vacco-systems/