Standard Micro CubeSat Propulsion System

standard-micro-propulsion-system-v2The VACCO Standard Micro-Propulsion System (MiPS) is a low-cost, cold gas propulsion module designed for CubeSats.Using Chemically Etched Micro System (ChEMS™) technology, VACCO has produced a complete CubeSat propulsion module including propellant storage, pressurization, distribution, thrusters, and controller. This simple, highly integrated design uses a self-pressurizing liquid propellant that is expelled as a gas.The 0.3U MiPS is capable of 44 N-Sec of total impulse with up to 880,000 firings, MiPS brings true propulsion capabilities to micro-spacecraft for formation flying, attitude control and velocity change (delta-v).


  • Five thrusters for pitch, yaw, roll and delta-v 10 mN thrust
  • Up to 880,000 minimum impulse firings
  • Frictionless valves
  • Inherently safe, non-toxic R134a propellant
  • All-welded aluminum alloy construction
  • Light weight
  • Minimal re-entry hazard
  • Smart system with integral controller
    • Simple RS422 digital interface
    • Integral sensor suite
    • Closed-loop vector pointing
    • Closed-loop thrust vector control
Nominal Thrust 10 mN @ 20ºC Vibration 16 Grms
Specific Impulse 40 sec Minimum Impulse Bit 0.05 mN-sec
Total Impulse 44 to 250 N-sec Operating Voltage 9.0 to 12.6 vdc
Internal Leakage <1 x 103 sccs GHe Mass (Including Propellant) 542 grams (wet)
External Leakage <1 x 10-6 sccs GHe Stand-By Power 0.25 watts
Operating Temperature 0°C to +60°C Maximum Steady-State Power 10 watts

Performance characteristics are based on customer requirements. As such, they are not representative of component capabilities or limitations.

Envelope Drawing





X14029003-1 0.3U 30 542 mN-sec 44 mN-sec
X14029003-4 0.5U 50 743 103
X14029003-7 0.8U 80 1044 191
X14029003-9 1U 100 1245 250