Hybrid ADN Delta-V / RCS System

hybrid-adn-delta-5-v2The VACCO / ECAPS CubeSat Hybrid ADN Delta-V / Reaction Control System is a high performance micro propulsion system (MiPS) specifically designed for CubeSats.

The Hybrid ADN MiPS is a self-contained subsystem that can be scaled from 0.5U to >1U. A single axial high-thrust, high specific impulse (Isp) ADN thruster delivers up to 1,036 N-sec of total impulse using only integral propellant.

The smart feed system automatically provides closed-loop thrust vector control during delta-v burns. Reliability is ensured through simplicity of design, welded titanium construction and frictionless valve technology.


  • Smart, self-contained propulsion system
  • 1,036 N-sec total impulse / 206 m/s delta-v assuming 5.3 kg CubeSat
  • One 100 mN ECAPS ADN thruster
  • Four 10 mN cold gas ACS thrusters
  • Low Power:
    • <15 watts during hot-fire
    • <0.055 watts in standby mode
  • Reliable, frictionless valves

Hybrid ADN Delta-V / RCS System Data Sheet pdf-icon

Operating Parameters

Max Operating Pressure 244 psia Internal Leakage 3.0 scc/hr Cycle Life 900,000 firings Dry Mass 1,093 grams
Proof Pressure 366 psia External Leakage 1.0 x 10 -6 scch Total Delta-V Impulse 1,036 N-sec ADN Propellant Mass 528 grams
Burst Pressure 610 psia Operating Temperature 0°C to +50°C Total RCS Impulse 69 N-sec ACS Propellant Mass 176 grams
Delta-V Thrust 100 mN Non-Operating Temperature -10°C to +60°C RCS Minimum Impulse Bit <0.1 mN/sec Total Mass 1,797 grams
ACS Thrust 10mN Vibration 23 Grms Operating Voltage 9 to 12.6 vdc

Performance characteristics are based on customer requirements. As such, they are not representative of component capabilities or limitations.

Envelope Drawing

Electrical Schematic

hybrid adn delta 5 electrical schematic 457x309